A Family Business

With A Lot of History

     Founded in 1956 by Arnold Jens Kirkegaard, AJK was established with a firm commitment to the highest quality workmanship, unerring dedication to architectural details and always putting the client first. Throughout its long history of building the best schools, churches, and related residential buildings around the Denver metro area, the company established a brand reputation that grew along with the Mile High City. And that still lasts today.

     The Kirkegaard name is widely known and respected in the industry for the quality of its work and the integrity of its word. Arnold Kirkegaard passed that tradition on first to his son, Bob Kirkegaard, and then to his grandson Scott Kirkegaard, and grandson-in-law Jon Crabtree.

     Established in its current incarnation in 2010, as AJ Kirkegaard Contactors, when Scott and Jon, who had both been working separately in the industry, decided to join forces and carry on the family tradition of home building. With their proven individual track records, Scott and Jon hit the ground running, and today the brand is again synonymous with curating hand-crafted, completely individual custom homes.

     Scott and Jon take pride in working closely with the homeowner to create a unique special space that truly feels like their personal dream home. As such, the client plays an integral role in the building process: from design to completion. It's all part of the organic, hands-on approach to home building that has been at the heart of the AJK philosophy, and commitment to excellence, since the company was founded more than half a century ago.    

AJ Kirkegaard Contractors, Inc.

2133 S Bellaire St STE 6,

Denver, Co 80222

Phone. 303-505-4296

Fax. 303-484-2899

Email. info@ajkcontractors.com

URL. http://www.ajkcontractors.com