AJK Contractors announces 2 new Denver Custom Home projects available for sale

Denver Custom Homebuilder AJK Contractors new projects just announced

Once again, AJ Kirkegaard Contractors is proud to announce the completion of two custom made homes in Clayton Street, Denver, Colorado. The homes, made by this reputable Denver custom homebuilder a located on the plot numbered 2526 S Clayton Street and 2574 S Clayton Street.

Resting on these pieces of land located in one of the most picturesque and classy neighborhoods in Colorado is 1635 square feet of single family home space. The Denver custom home is a 4 bedroom house with 2 bedrooms which makes it fit enough for a midsized family, which is what most of the American families are nowadays.

AJK Contractors Unique Construction of Denver Custom Homes

The completion of these houses sees yet another achievement of AJK contractors come true in the creation of epic construction that are not only unique but also classy enough to stand next to antique designs that are fit to stand a place in the architectural hall of fame.

by moving into this houses, the proud owner of the uniquely designed houses will not only step into the trade mark comfort and finesse of AJK Contractors products but also will get a chance of living in the enviable Observatory park neighborhood.

AJK is a Denver custom homebuilder with a reputation of over years founded on the hard work of both its founder and subsequent family members who have labored to convert the company into a modern world real estate builder and seller.

Looking for a Denver Custom Home?

The company has a load of testimonials behind its back and most of them are form customers who did not first believe in its capacity only to be amazed by the resulting masterpieces. It is with no doubt therefore that contracting AJK Contractors to implement your idea of a house will certainly be a success regardless of the neighborhood your house is supposed to be built in.

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