AJK Contractors New Cherry Hills, Denver Custom Home Project Announced

AJK Contractors Awarded New Denver Custom Home Project in Cherry Hills

Increasing consumer demand for luxurious living amidst spectacular snow-draped mountain scenery and custom homes that are designed with the most energy efficient and beautiful materials has led to AJK Contractors receiving yet another award to design and develop an innovative, aesthetic marvel with a New Denver custom home.

History of AJK Denver Custom Homebuilder

Founded in 1956 by Arnold Jens Kirkegaard, AJK was established with a firm commitment to the highest quality workmanship and empowers clients with an unerring dedication to architectural details. Throughout its long history of building the best schools, churches and related residential buildings, the firm established a brand reputation that still lasts. Working on the new project offers an exciting way for the well-known new Denver custom homebuilder to showcase their talents, and the company has announced that they are proud to work closely with the owner in order to assure the results are in accordance with the AJK commitment to honor.

When Looking For A Denver Custom Homebuilder..

While the current project is ongoing, the New Denver custom homebuilder has a reputation in Colorado’s Front Range and the surrounding district for its combination approach that blends architectural styles with the existing landscape in an aesthetically pleasing way that takes full advantage of geo-environmental issues such as solar exposure during the winter months. The Front Range area is also known for its rich history and has long been a destination for those seeking the timeless beauty and standard of living.

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