New AJK Custom Home Project at 11 South Lane in Cherry Hills, Denver, Colorado

AJK Contractors is proud to announce that their continued commitment to excellence in the Cherry Hills Village neighborhood has earned them another distinction, and the Denver custom
homebuilder has been chosen to complete a new Craftsman style home at 11 South
Lane in Cherry Hills Village.

With a long history of commitment to residential desires, tranquil living spaces, and architectural details, the Cherry Hills Village neighborhood combines the best of both worlds and gives residents plenty of open community areas that are carefully balanced with more serene private space. To ensure homes are environmentally compatible with the natural world, the Denver custom
homebuilder relies on the latest architectural planning approaches to reduce energy consumption and ensure the cleanest air and water for local and global communities.

Engineering the future has long been the highest priority for the team at AJK Contractors, and the company is proud to have established a tradition that dates to 1956. While the Denver custom home builder entered in the industry as a commercial provider, the firm has embraced a new approach that balances residential and retail space in careful proportions, so that each party wins in a fashionably modern style. Building a name is much more than putting materials together, and the AJK team has earned their reputation in the industry by using the highest-quality products that are hand selected for the demanding environments of each individual project.

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