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Ajk Contractors Announces 3 Pre-sold Denver Custom Homes In Observatory Park

Aj kirkegaard contractors, a re-known top quality brand name in the design of metro and suburban neighborhoods or over 5 decades proudly announces the close to completion of 3 state of the art homes in the observatory park area of denver, colorado.

The three pre-sold denver custom homes from this ultimate denver custom homebuilder are set in an amazing neighborhood that definitely will give the lucky clients the best stay for their money. With two of the houses currently in painting stage and one just starting framing, the clients can already start fantasizing of the great homes they will be moving into once the construction process is finished.

Ajk contractors is excited to be at the verge of crowning off yet another project in the serene antique observatory park setting that is nothing short of being a posh neighborhood fit for a king. Ajk’s experience in the field definitely puts it in a position to come up with a design that fits into the luxurious masterpiece home setting of this serene south denver neighborhood.

Being the legacy of scott kirkegaard who repurposed it in 1996 with just a degree in marketing and a colorado real estate license, ajk contractors has grown into a reputable name in the home building industry.

Commenting on the experience encountered with the company, this family client, shaun and lynn gilmore ascertains that ajk contractors took their ideas and converted them to a real life home with finesse that far outmatched their expectations.

Like any first time homeowner, they were nervous about having a custom home built, but this turned out to be false alarm. Denver custom homes have a reputation to meet if they are to be welcome in this class neighborhood and getting the best denver custom homebuilder is a simple as contacting ajk contractors to discuss your options.

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